The Moody Blues

Violets of Dawn

Eric Andersen

The Inner Light

The Beatles


Scarborough Fair Traditional




A Glimpse of Heaven The Strawbs

Springtime Promises   The Pentangle


English Country Garden Traditional


Johnny's Garden  Stephen Stills

Window over the Bay Vashti Bunyan

        Magic Forest           Fat Mattress


GreenSleeves Traditional

Wear Your Love  ...    Donovan


Brother Flower TownesVan Zandt

Children of the Sun Gerry Rafferty

    Afternoon Tea         The  Kinks    

The Little White Road Donovan

           Blackbird            The Beatles


Gossip in the Grain   RayLaMontagne

     Autumn Gold     Andy Irvine

       Flyin' Shoes          Townes Van Zandt

         Roses           David Olney  


      Witchwood        The Strawbs


Winterbirds     RayLamontagne


        Sparrow              Simon & Garfunkel

    Withering Tree        Traffic

The Snow in the Street R. Vaughan Willams

     Stopped  by Woods             Jackie Leven


    Winter is Blue     Vashti Bunyan


Nights in White Satin The Moody Blues

          Goin' Back            The Byrds


There is an Ocean Donovan



Trains and Boats and Planes Dionne Warwick

Good Intentions    GerryRafferty

      Our Mother ..        TownesVan Zandt


Land of Make Believe   Moody Blues     


    New Horizons        The  Moody Blues      



          Butterfly            The Hollies 



      Sun is Still Shining          The Moody Blues 


     Midnight Sun         The Strawbs     


    Higher and Higher      The Moody Blues